About us


NILA is a project born in 2020 from experience and passion for this work. Thanks to these features, we were able to take a decisive step and appear in the nail sector. We tried 100% to create a nail line that would meet the expectations of every artist. NILA focuses on products that are aimed at professionals and novice craftsmen and the associated network of customers.


The vision of the INI PROFESSIONAL brand is to offer increasingly high-quality, updated and effective products supported by the constant development of new formulas. Our company is constantly striving to expand its brand in European and non-European countries.


To meet the needs of nail technicians by offering them a range of increasingly effective and innovative products and solutions.


The philosophy of the INI PROFESSIONAL brand is based on continuous improvement, focusing everything on quality, using products that meet the highest quality standards, using the most advanced technologies and the constant search for innovative and exclusive formulas.

All our products are manufactured in Europe and have European certificates.


MB "NILA LT", company code 304892677

Zalgirio 88,
Room 203, 2nd floor.
LT-09303, Vilnius
+370 692 12 083