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Diamond tip SMART GOLD - Olive

Diamond tip SMART GOLD - Olive

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Special milling tip GOLD with zirconia nano layer, which ensures better quality.

Diamond bits are known for their versatility and excellent capabilities. Unfortunately, the diamond abrasive is less resistant to daily work than these milling tips, which are equipped with zirconium nano particles, which significantly extend the life of the tools.

  • Red marking - gentle.
  • Size 1.6mm
  • Designed to remove the cuticle, lift and remove the cuticle.
  • Clean sinuses, ducts.
  • Sterilized and disinfected.

This tip is made of stainless steel and can be sterilized by hot air.

Remember that all instruments you use must be properly cleaned and sterilized before the first use and before each subsequent use.

Made in the EU


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