INI PROFESSIONAL - HEMA FREE Gel polish, Emerald 10ml

INI PROFESSIONAL - HEMA FREE Gel polish, Emerald 10ml

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Color with perfect texture and strong pigment HEMA FREE Emerald 060

What is special about these gel polishes?

Hema is the most popular ingredient used in gel polishes and is considered the biggest irritant that can penetrate the skin, irritate it, and cause peeling or redness of the skin.

Hema Free in products Hema is replaced by - HPMA, this is a better and more expensive ingredient that has the same adhesion and tackiness properties, its molecules are larger so it can't penetrate the skin as easily. Thus, this modified formula improves the quality of the measures.


  • Safe formula.
  • Perfect texture.
  • Strong pigment.
  • Can be applied only in one layer.
  • Medium consistency.
  • The perfect brush for the perfect job.