INI PROFESSIONAL - Fiber Base Naked, 15ml

INI PROFESSIONAL - Fiber Base Naked, 15ml

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Rubber Base Naked gives the nails a natural and healthy-looking appearance of the nail plate. Due to its composition, it does not harm the natural nail plate and protects it from injuries.

  • Soft creamy pink shade.
  • Smoothes and hides the defects of the nail plate.
  • Self leveling.
  • Ideal for French manicure.
  • Suitable for all nail types.
  • Ensures strong adhesion to the nail plate.
  • Wears well for 4 weeks.


  1. We do a manicure. We polish the nails with a polisher (it is recommended to use 180 grit).
  2. We apply NAIL FRESHER on the natural nail plate.
  3. Apply ACID FREE PRIMER to the free edge of the nail.
  4. Then we apply a thin layer of transparent base (strong base, mega base. ).
  5. Dry in an LED lamp (48 W) for 30-60 seconds; in a UV lamp for 90 sec.
  6. Then apply a second layer of Rubber Base Naked to smooth and strengthen the nail plate. (Rubber Base Naked can also be used with one thicker layer)
  7. Dry in an LED lamp for 30-60 seconds; in a UV lamp for 90 sec.
  8. We apply the selected colored gel polish from INI PROFESSIONAL. If you apply two layers, we polymerize each layer well. in the LED lamp for 60 sec.
  9. Then we use the selected top layer. We polymerize for 60 seconds.
  10. We wait a few seconds and apply oil.
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